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We are a eco-system builder company that aims to support and complement the existing Halal Ecosystem by utilising technology to promote innovative solutions for the Halal & Sharia Compliance products and services in the market.



Our Vision.

Our Approach.

Pixel Play Group envisioned ourselves to fill the vacuum that the current Halal industry possessed or rather demand, through a Venture Builder business model utilising technology to promote digital solutions for Halal & Shariah Compliance product & services.


Our approach is to pull business ideas from within our own network of resources and assign internal teams to develop them.


Our Philosophy.

Our philosophy is to develop many systems, models, or projects at once and then build separate companies around the most promising ones by assigning operational resources and capital to those portfolio companies.

The Halal Market.

"The global halal market of 1.8 billion Muslims is no longer confined to food and food related products. The halal industry has now expanded beyond the food sector to include pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health products, toiletries and medical devices as well as service sector components such as logistics, marketing, print and electronic media, packaging, branding and financing."


Fleishman Hillard Majlis

2011, Dar, Azmi et al. 2013



Unfolding. In touch with tomorrow.

Group Subsidiaries.

As the Halal Industry grows, we will come to encounter new problems and challenges we never face before. New problems requires not only new solutions, but a whole new mindset and approach to innovate a solutions. Our Venture Builder program would provide the platform for such a solution to be innovated through our structured cohorts programs.

The Global Halal Market is a market too good and too big to ignore. PIXEL PLAY COMMERCE(PPC) was set-up to capitalised on the global halal market potential. Through PPC, we identify potential Halal products in the global market and conduct a market analysis on the feasibility of such products to be either developed, supported, invested, marketed, targeted and so forth.

Pixel Play Entertainment is where it all started. Here is where our creativity, expressions, thoughts, concepts, emotions are exploited and harmonized to deliver the best experience to our audience, clients, investors, partners and so forth. We have a few interesting film projects in the pipeline, both locally and internationally.



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